Hey Canada! Announcing –Make Your Living by Etsy

We're excited to help Etsy announce their new Make Your Living video series launching today –profiling Canadian artists who make their living using Etsy. Their aim is to encourage artists to take the leap by featuring artists who've used Etsy to start their small businesses. This is a call to action for artists across Canada to do what they love, on their own terms. I love that!

To kick off the series the new Etsy Canada team began in their own backyard, in Kensington Market to the studio of Victory Patterns, where Kristiann Boos invited them into her pattern making digs, where she designs vintage-inspired wears for the everywoman. They then travelled north to Caledon, Ontario to the studio of husband and wife duo, Patrick and Mara who run Studioliscious, creating one of a kind, modern furniture and paintings.

There are over 800 000 small businesses on Etsy, in over 150 countries with over 25 million members. Etsy is investing in Canada in support of Canadian artists with projects like Make Your Living, taking the spirit of DIY to heart and giving Canadians a head start by offering a limited time offer of 20 free listings to try it out with the promo code "makeyourliving" redeemable at etsy.com/promotion

Check out the videos below!

Jan Halvarson


TinaA said...

I think this is a great idea! Can't wait to see what's coming next!

Anonymous said...

I love shopping on Etsy but they really need to stop trying so hard to recruit new sellers when they should also be working to bring in buyers. I will continue to buy from Etsy sellers but the owners of Etsy feel like big business to me.

Jenny ocean said...

I am so so so so excited that it is lady Boosworth, and her Victory that is shining in the spotlight! FYI: her inner beauty matches her outer beauty, which is hard to imagine- look at her face! Patronize this girl's business, she works very hard to make you look good.

Congrats, Kristiann, we are all so proud.

Allyson said...

I think this is a great concept and I am so pleased to see Etsy shining the spotlight on Canadian artists. It's tough to get out there as an artist and reach the people that you want to reach so profiling Canadian talent really exposes these artists to clients and customers that otherwise they may not have reached. I just learned about two fantastic fellow Canadians just from the videos and will be going to their Etsy shops. Thanks for posting about it.

Samantha G. said...

Etsy has felt like an American company to me for so long and I think it's great they are working on recognizing that there is so much amazing talent in Canada too. Great to see this, thanks for posting!