Easter/Spring Craft/DIYs Ideas!

Starting today I'm excited to be back at Martha Stewart Living's Pinterest Boards as their guest pinner. My assignment is a month long this time and my board will focus on Easter, some spring craft/DIYs and Mother's Day (basically a spring holidays extravaganza)!  You can follow it here, if you like and follow the rest of Martha Stewart Living's pins here.

Jan Halvarson


LiLi said...

omg!!! the rabbit coat is absolutely adorable!! <3 <3 <3


Unknown said...

great pins! i'm partial to the peter cottontail cookie

Unknown said...

How exciting! I will definitely be following, love what I'm seeing already!

sweet harvest moon said...

Great pins!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful finds... I adore the gold painted eggs and I would love that Bunny coat in my size!! >.<