Cool Decorating Trick No. 36: Timber and Copper

I spotted this kitchen in the April issue of Real Living recently which features exposed storage with raw timber and copper. Makes for a light industrial look and I love the idea of using copper pipes to hang the cookware, don't you? I think this would be a lovely little fix if you're looking for something pretty affordable and easy to do (maybe even as a temporary idea till you really renovate). Cool decorating trick! Photography Chris Warnes | Styling Sarah Ellison for Real Living.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Love this ... reminds me of a lakeside cabin somewhere cold.

Kreetta said...

Copper copper, I love it ;) people asks a huge money of copper items at flea markets at the moment.

Unknown said...

That is so clever. I really love this. Makes me envious living in a laminex-ensconsed rental

Thanks for sharing