Weekend Project: Doily Pendants

Photo Jean-Marc Wullschleger for Real Living magazine

Inspiration this week comes from fashion and interior stylist, Anne Millet's dining room and her lovely doily pendant lighting as seen in March's issue of Real Living magazine.  Such a fun and simple idea.  Although there is no actual instructions for it in the magazine (and nothing I could find on her blog), this could easily be translated using the ever popular lace bowl DIY.  All you need of course are some pendants (I found this cheaper version at Home Depot - just remove the clamps).

 See what they might look like if hanging (Photo Dry Design)

Or you could make the lace bowls and then cut a hole at the top, and use IKEA HEMMA cord sets instead. If you need sources for doilies - there are heaps of them online at Etsy. I found some fabric stiffener here and then I think after that you're set!

PS. I found a close-up of similar lights at Anne's blog here- and after closer inspection you can probably forego the stiffener if you like a more casual feel to them and just glue gun the doilies to the lighting if you wished. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Glue gun might be a bad idea as those lights getting pretty hot. Could be a possible fire hazard. And that glue melts with heat. Just some crochet (or light string) yarn that matches (or a color) might be a better idea. Patti

mobil*home said...

It's my mobil home! Many thanks, Anne Millet

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Patti -
Anne - so fun to see you here! Love your work!