Muse: A Video Portrait Workshop

Muse: A Video Portrait Workshop (Teaser) from Katerina Bon Vora on Vimeo.

Dispatches from Italy contributor, Kat of Zero the One  is embarking on a new project.  The project is a new online class she'll be teaching with Francesco "Atopos" Conte over at Skillshare on creating Video Portraits.  You may have seen some of her beautiful video work in her dispatches posts with us, and now I'm excited to announce they'll be teaching how to make them yourself! This is their first online class project and I think it could come in super handy for creatives and creative entrepreneurs who want to create their own video content.  And it's only $15! (Also they are offering 15% off with code: EUNOIA). I'm totally in! Click here for more info!

Jan Halvarson

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