Dispatches from California: Oh Hello Friend

A HUGE congrats to Danni (of Oh Hello Friend blog) and her husband Nick for their new Oh Hello Friend (brick and mortar)!  So excited for them! Danni sent along some lovely photo's of the inside - and it looks super cute doesn't it? Wish I could just drop by.  Check out the marquee sign behind the cash desk - Danni has a DIY on how they made it on her blog too - click here.  If you're in the Fullerton, CA area and would like to drop by - the new shop is located at 122 N. Harbor Blvd, Suite 103, Fullerton, CA 92832.  If you can't make it in person, they also have an online shop here.

All photos by kimberlygenevieve.com (and they do weddings and events: http://wecallthislove.com).

Jan Halvarson


Coco Cake Land said...


LET LOVE RULE tote bag! amazing!

sooo much to look at (and purchase)... you could spend a long time there i am sure!

congrats on the shop opening! gonna go browse the online shop now.. heehee

Nat said...

That shop looks lovely! I wish I lived closer so I could visit :)


Unknown said...

So thrilled! I live in Santa Monica! & I now have an excuse to explore my new area a bit more. Day trip to Fullerton!!! This store is so right up my alley. xxoo

Unknown said...

what a beautiful space! I hope to someday have my own shop...what a great inspiration

Sneha said...

Such a beautiful and refreshing place!

Melanie said...

I would go CRAZY in that space!! Omg I would be broke in 5 minutes. No wait, 3 minutes!! =) Good for them! =)

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