Sunday Reading

I don't know about you guys, but I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. My sunday links are late, I'm late, my house is a mess...I digress. Sigh.  Anyway, better late than never as they say.  So here are a few sunday links I've come across this morning. 

I'm liking this idea for natural air fresheners (above), here's a link how to make them here.
A beautiful chalet in Norway
Love this baby as a muscial muse for this dance rehearsal
When nothing goes right, go left
Scenes from Paris fashion week
I'm going to try translating this fish chowder recipe and make tonight, looks delicious!
Have you been following Kathreen and family on their Australian year long road trip?

Just a few links today!  Hope you're having a nice weekend!  See you tomorrow with our brand new lookbook featuring a spread on an engagement photo shoot in Machu Picchu!

Jan Halvarson


mundart said...

great picture.
lovely idea.
amazing link.

happy greetings from germany.

Tasha said...

Keen to try out the natural air fresheners.
Hoping you get back in to the swing of things soon enough :-)

Brewed Together said...

What a great idea for natural air fresheners. Love the photo!

amanda said...

These fresheners are lovely. Aesthetically as well. I am feeling the same as you; I have been quite slow to embrace 2013.


sarah nadine said...

with you on the 'lagging behind since the holidays' bit. i think i just need another season to decorate/craft for .... thinking spring :)

regardless of how you fell, i love that you always have great posts!


Jan Halvarson said...

Glad to know i'm not alone - thanks for the company ladies and thanks for visiting!