Real Wedding: Erin + Dave

Today we're sharing the wedding of local couple Erin and Dave. Erin owns Collage Collage (which we've talked about from time to time here) here in Vancouver. When I first saw their photo's, my first thought was how much love there was between Erin and Dave and with also their friends and family. My favorite from their wedding of course has to be Dave's '67 yellow Chevelle SS - and their matching yellow accessories. Makes for a sunny wedding day! Check out their photo's below (and details from the wedding at the bottom of the post.


Dress: bought on line after a glass of wine or two; Tibi
Suit: J Crew
Flowers: Flower Factory - we bought them loose and spent the day before making little bundles as table toppers - used a lot of succulents that we still have to this day - some of which are planted out front of my store.
Caterer: Culinary Capers + emergency Tim Hortons run when they forgot the coffee service. The Ontarian in me was secretly delighted (and this is why you'll see Timmy's cups near the end of the night)
Location:  A friend's private studio workspace (an old converted church)
DJ: our friend Mike
Photography:  Lauren Joan Photography

My Uncle officiated, my brother played guitar, Dave's Mom provided a blessing - it was a family affair all around. I made the feather boutineers to honour Dave's father Bill, who was a fly fisherman, and we made beer cozies as a family the night before at the shop. One of the best days ever - all yellow and grey.

The car is Dave's 67 Chevelle SS; though we just sold it this year, it was his labour of love for a few years leading up to that day - and I'm so glad we had it for the pics.

We split our party into 2 - a ceremony in Vancouver at the private Church space studio, and a reception in Toronto in my folks' back yard; to accommodate our families in 2 provinces (and I got to wear my dress more than once!) We saved cake for Toronto, which was made by my all time favourite bakery, Sweet Gallery and topped with a modified version of my parent's own wedding topper, that my sister in love adapted to include our floating balloons that were present at both parties.

The Space: We wanted something small, and our amazing friends offered their studio/workspace. This helped set the tone, and since they're avid art collectors - meant that we were getting married in a space that was filled with contemporary art works - we literally got married between 2 Rodney Graham paintings. Jane also owns a taxidermy beaver, who over looked the whole event from the balcony above, I'm sure there's a pic in there somewhere.

I made everyone handkerchiefs silkscreened with the heart + lightning bolts that became our wedding logo. My sisters in love (both brother's girl friends) handed them out to everyone as they arrived, as the Boniferros are known public weepers. And singers! There were a few spontaneous sing alongs, from Italian folks songs to our own version of pop songs, there was no shortage of harmonicas, guitars, and we even had a set of drums on hand.

Thanks Erin and Dave!

(Pssst! Check out Erin's Valentine's fun kids craft she did for us last year)!

Jan Halvarson


Vilda said...

Wow! They are so beautiful...

Melanie said...

I just adore the handkerchief with their personal logo!! I didn't know people still did the "Just Married" anymore! Love it!!

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Coco Cake Land said...

Hooray! So much love! xo

dahlhaus said...

Totally noticed the Rodney Graham paintings- what a lovely addition to the space!
Erin you looked beautiful- love all the hand-made touches! Congratulations!!

Happy Harris said...

you are truly beautiful and your new hubby is delicious make a wonderful couple and it looks like you made everyones day very special indeed...'carry on loving' love Happy from Blighty xx

kickpleat said...

Hooray Erin! Loved seeing glimpses of your totally amazing wedding. You guys looked gorgeous!!