Happy Friday!

Last night I had a crazy dream my brother had this amazing vintage station wagon - something I had never seen before - it had chrome fins and things (no idea where that came from) but what was more unique about it was that it had a diving board on top.  Yep, you could slide that thing out over the hood, drive up to a swimming hole and dive away!  No idea why I'm sharing this with you, but hey, they say some of the best inventions come from dreams, right?  Anyway, after I woke the dream reminded me of this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt I came across recently and so beautifully hand written by the ladies at 1Canoe2 Letterpress. Maybe there's something to take away from this?

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For those of you wondering. Our redesign is a bit delayed - but is coming along.  8 years of blogging (and over 8000 posts; 8122 to be exact is a heap to gather). Can't wait to show you soon! Happy Friday friends!


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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful lettering! I wish they had checked the spelling of Eleanor though....

Coco Cake Land said...

awww. sweet dream... and a truly lovely quote.

and omg! redesign coming... so exciting! you guys are amazing. seriously...