Earthenware Hanging Planters

Earthenware hanging and standing planters from Asheville, North Carolina's Samantha Carter. Her etsy shop called Half Light Honey Studios offers up a variety of these sgraffito style planters made with white clay then painted with a velvety black underglaze and left unglazed to retain a more natural clay finish. According to Samantha "because the planter has been left unglazed on the inside and outside, water is left free to evaporate slowly from the clay and will keep your household plants cool in the summertime." Love these! See more at her etsy shop here.

Jan Halvarson


Swati Ailawadi said...

These are just lovely.... there is something about those imperfect lines in the third one, that remind me how beautiful hand work is and how impersonal manufactured products are getting !

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Sema Korkmaz said...

Since Etsy is filled with chinese import "handmades" novadays and it2s such a great thing to see a real work of labor and a beautiful pieces like those above. Greetings from Istanbul! :)

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Igor Josifovic said...

Incredibly cool! I want all of them!

Blooming said...

Wow, this is so cool! Makes me want to make them myself!

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Melanie said...

I wish I had an apartment that got a real good chunk of sunlight during the day so I could have one of these beauties!! =) Very pretty!

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