Dispatches from Austin: Nannie Inez

Contributor post by Tracy of Fair Morning Blue

Hello, my dear Poppytalk friends. I hope your new year is off to a lovely start, and that 2013 is the best year yet for all of us! Onwards up upwards, right? On that note, I am excited to bring you on a tour of one of Austin's newest design boutiques: Nannie Inez.

Co-owners Deeyn Rhones & Lonzo Jackson describe themselves as constant travelers, and before coming to Austin, they lived in both New York and London. For the shop, they bring back treasures from all over the world (including New York, Tokyo, London and Amsterdam) to create a unique, global-chic world inside their storefront. Seriously, when I am in Nannie Inez, I feel like I am in an exotic, faraway place.

How interesting that even familiar items look new and different to me in this space! Nannie Inez incorporates work from local Austin artists like ceramicist Keith Kreeger, designer Alyson Fox, and embroidery & crewel designer Kate Hersch from August Morgan. The shop is named after co-owner and Texan Deeyn's grandmother, whose passion for home, garden & cooking inspired Deeyn's own love of interior design.

If you are near Austin, you absolutely must treat yourself to a visit to this whimsical, modern shop. If you are too far away to visit, you can always check out their online shop. One of my new year's resolutions is to seek out home goods from small design shops and / or local artists rather than making impulse purchases of mass produced, widely available goods. Nannie Inez is going to be a great resource for me!

Thank you so much for the tour, Deeyn - and welcome back to Austin!

Nannie Inez
2210 South First St.
Unit M
Austin, Texas

Tracy Castro is a native Texan and the artist behind Fair Morning Blue. Find Tracy on her blog, facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

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Vintage Home said...

Love the poofs!

Nannie Inez, good living said...

Oh My... Tracy thank you SO much for this lovely post. Your photos of Nannie Inez are beautiful and your sweet words about us are so kind... thank you. I'm glad you included the photo with the vintage blue vase, that actually belonged to my grandmother.

Sarah said...

The poufs look super comfy!



Nancy@owensolivia said...

Lovely place! I keep asking around with no response, so I am hoping you will! What are those yellow balls inside the vase??? Would love to have some for my kitchen!

vredenburgje.wordpress.com said...

Thanks for sharing, I wish I could take a visit but I'm on the other side of the ocean haha. Luckily I can enjoy the eye candy. Love Vredenburg

Nannie Inez, good living said...

Hi Nancy@OwensOlivia, they are Craspedia and they literally last forever.

Keith Kreeger said...

Thanks for the write-up Tracy. Nannie Inez is another sign of the growing creative community here in Austin. I'm thrilled to have my work with Deeyn. Great shop...great people!

Mr. Glitter said...

Looks very cool. I really miss living in Austin