2013 Valentine's Day Cards

The season of love is almost upon us and in just a month we'll be all blissing out on chocolates,  little arrows and all things love. One of my favourite times of year. And what could only make it better is a beautiful card to send to or receive from a loved one.  It's time for a little card shopping, and here's a round-up of some pretty ones I've happened upon.

1. Quill & Fox 2. Banquet Workshop 3. Bread + Butter  4. Sycamore Street Press 5. Hartland Brooklyn

6. Mr. Boddington's Studio 7. eggpress 8. Duet Letterpress 9. Spring Olive

Jan Halvarson


| Harmony and design | said...

Preciosa selección de tarjetas

Elli said...

I love them all, but the first card, stole my heart!

~amy~ said...

Love all the arrows!

Anonymous said...

Love all of these! So cute + not as cheesy as the typical ones everyone buys.

Announce It! said...

My favorite.... Duet Letterpress, love it!

Melanie said...

It amazes me how original people can are! I love the pins and needles one! =)

Sarah said...

Love all of them! Makes me wish I had a classroom of people to send them to.



Unknown said...

Love these - super cute!

Sera Kuo


Unknown said...

Love these - so cute!

Sera Kuo