The Sharpie® Project DX

I just heard word of this yesterday and wish I had time to submit an entry - but sadly don't - so maybe some of you might.  If you're Canadian, the Design Exchange and Sharpie are holding a fun competition, The Sharpie® Project DX - to design a happy home for Sharpie Markers!  The design competition is to run in conjunction with the Canadian launch of Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show, an exhibition centered on the designer’s ten-year exploration of happiness.  More info:
"Because we spend a good portion of our week at the office, DX and Sharpie® are challenging designers at all levels, across all disciplines, to submit a design for a Sharpie® marker holder, caddy, container, or carousel, that is not only a happy home for your markers, but also makes your workspace a happier place to be!"

If you're interested act fast as the deadline for submissions is Friday December 7 at 5pm!  Click here for more info!

Jan Halvarson

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