Stamped Leaf DIY

Guest post by Aimee Strickland of Made in the Fold

This idea was made for a fall wedding to leave at each individual place setting so guests could take away a small favor but could easily be translated for a holiday place setting or any entertaining idea.  Use a custom made stamp (like i make here) or a favorite, perhaps from a local craft store. Instructions after the jump!

Step 1: Gather supplies.

- initial sketches (used to make the custom stamp, optional)
- pressed/dried leaves
- stamp (custom, or found at any local craft store)
- stamp pad (I used A La Mode's white pigment ink)
- jute
- napkin (from my stash)

Step 2: Gather all your leaves and make space on a hard, level surface for the best result for the stamp.

Step 3: Load your stamp evenly with ink.

Step 4: Stamp your leaf! Make sure to press firmly to apply the entire stamp of ink.

Step 5: Keep stamping until you have all your leaves complete, and set aside to dry (I left mine to dry for a few days).

Step 6: Wrap your napkin with jute, tie a simple knot to secure and tuck leaf into your napkin.


Jan Halvarson


sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful! Love this!

Brianne said...

so fun - never thought of stamping a leaf before!