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Earlier in November, Earl headed downtown to meet up with Ivan at Montauk Sofa, one of our favorite furniture stores here in Vancouver for a casual photo shoot.  Their gastown location is a beautiful vintage brick building which they completely gutted –taking out part of the second floor and opening up the building to a modern industrial-inspired steel, beam and brick space  Inside as you'll see is filled with some of Montauk's amazing designs including a select group of iconic Danish pieces (Fabricus and Katsholm). More after the jump.  (Sofa shown above - victoria).

Montauk was founded by Tim Zyto in 1995 who teamed up with Danny Chartier where they initially offered up a style that reflected the elegance of the residences of Montauk in Long Island, New York at the time (a traditional rounded corner slip-cover style).  They wanted people to like their pieces for their quality, look and comfort.  Just walking up to a piece you can see the beautiful workmanship and quality involved, and the timeless designs.  A perfect combination for a long lasting piece of furniture. More below.



Based in Montreal, the company now has locations across Canada (Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver) as well as stores in New York and Chicago.  Visit Montauk Sofa online at for more info and the complete collection.  Photos: Earl Einarson.

Montauk Sofa (Vancouver)
228 Abbott St. 604.331.2363

Jan Halvarson

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