Most Popular Posts of 2012

Time is a funny thing, don't you find? Moments sometimes go so slow and years although looking ahead seem to be so far away, yet almost always fly right by. It feels like yesterday that I posted some of these posts from this past year; and here I am rounding them up! Here's what you, our readers made the most popular posts for each month this year; can you guess which one was the most popular? (I'll check back later to let you know).

January - What Happens When You Give Kids Thousands of Stickers
February - Ikea + H&M = Brilliant 
March - The Fetching Grain: Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad
April  - Weekend Project: Ping Pong Ball Light
May - Rent a Camper
June - DIY: Colour Blocked Coasters
July - Weekend Project: Paint Swatch Wall
August - Small Space - Happy Space
September - DIY Cardboard Pendant Light
October - DIY Mini Copper Planters
November - Photo Transfer DIY
December - Free Chalkboard-Style Printable Gift Tags

Jan Halvarson