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ReForm School is a bit different than the place that your parents may have threatened to banish you to! Located in a beautiful and spacious space on Sunset Junction, the classroom themed shop specializes on sustainable design and eco-friendly handmade finds and vintage goods.

After watching owners Tootie and Billie in Handmade Nation, I made sure to book an apartment in Silver Lake, so that I could visit their shop in person. ReForm School features handmade items from local artists and designers including clothing, books, stationery, homewares, and other small gifts. That “You Have Everything You Need” tote bag by artist Deedee Cheriel may, or may not, have come home with me!

My favourite part of the shop has to be the little details! Next time you are there, make sure to look up at the ceiling and check out the back room aka Principal’s Office!

Reform School, 3902 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029
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Andrea is a Vancouverite that enjoys traveling the West Coast. She has a love for handmade indie craft, independent shops, travel, and vintage goods that she shares on her blog and instagram.

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TinaA said...

I love the metal filing drawers, could use them in my living room. Unfortunately I am too far away.