Letterpress Notebook + Necklace Sets

Blackbird Letterpress has teamed up with Mimosa a handmade jewelry line in Baton Rouge, Louisiana collaborating on a little state handmade notebook and necklace set. This is an ongoing collaboration and at the moment they have NY, NJ, IL, AL, and LA finished and ready to ship. 50% of the sales of the New York and New Jersey sets will go towards Hurricane Sandy relief. So far they have donated to the Red Cross and the Humane Society. Right now these are just US states but they are hoping to branch out to Canada too.  (See more info below).

The details:
Each set contains 1 recycled handmade notebook and state pendant with chain. The notebook was designed, illustrated, letterpress printed, and constructed by Blackbird Letterpress. The cover shows the map of the continental US with the focus state shaded. The state's name, nicknames, year it became a state, state bird and state flower (with small illustrations), capitol, and highest point are listed. Each measures 4.5"x7" and has 72 recycled blank pages inside. The pendants are handmade by Mimosa and vary in size depending on state, usually around 3/4". Each pendant is made from recycled bronze and comes with a 16" antiqued bronzed chain. All pendants have their own unique patina and no two are alike.

You can find the etsy listings in their "handmade notebook" section.

Jan Halvarson

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