Les Soeurs Anglaises

Care to do a little dreaming with me? I recently came upon Les Soeurs Anglaises (via Meighan of My Love for You) and have been dreaming ever since.  I mean, what could be better than a little creative adventure in the south of France where you make and learn and enjoy some amazing surroundings? Whether you’re someone who would like a break to focus on learning a new craft or perhaps getting better at it, or just someone who would like to hang out with like-minded creative people and be inspired, Les Soeurs Anglaises is a workshop facility in the south west of France (in a part called Verteillac) and is run by four women who started it 6 years ago - see more about them here. The 2013 workshops include Mixed Textiles, Knitting, Writing, Stitched Calligraphy and textile sculpture. All workshops are led by leaders within their field and the facility offers a combination of luxurious suites, single rooms and dormitory style accommodation (meals included). More after the jump.

A quote from Katie Elliott Armitage (one of it's founders): "We decided to start Les Soeurs Anglaises because of a desire to share all things textile, tactile and beautiful within the amazing countryside of South West France with it's rich history of needlework. Our goal is to allow participants the freedom to explore their own creativity in a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment with the best teachers available. 2013 will be our 6th season. There is always a subtle crossover between the arts and this year we have chosen a literary theme for the workshops.  Introducing our first writing workshop we have carefully selected a group of first class artists/teachers to lead interrelated events that we are confident will be different, exciting and attitude changing." 

Oh and they are doing giveaways (M-F) everyday on their blog til the 20th of the month! Bonus!

For more information on Les Soeurs Anglaises visit them online at lessoeursanglaises.com.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I wish! I told my husband a workshop here is what I want for Christmas!! I hope he goes through with it.

Kreetta said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing. The place and workshops sounds lovely.