Inside Out Magazine - New Issue + Fun Announcement!

So I'm rather excited to share with you a fun thing today!  Inside Out Magazine's latest issue (Jan/Feb ‘13) is out tomorrow (or maybe today if you're in Australia) and I'm super honoured to be featured in it!  A huge thank you to Lee Tran Lam and everyone involved in the full page "blogger profile" feature. I'm so pinching myself!  (Thanks to Janis Nicolay too for supplying the beautiful photo's for the feature). Lee Tran sent along a few sneak peeks of the new issue which looks rather amazing - including a DIY, a story on textiles and a feature on Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison  Lets' take a look!

 There’s a paper heart DIY, by Jo Neville (shot by Nigel Lough & styled by Jessica Hanson)

A story on sheer fabrics (that were used to ‘upholster’ balloons by Bespoke Balloonery; shot by Craig Wall & styled by Jessica Hanson)

And the cover story is on Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison (shot by Derek Swalwell & styled by Jason Grant).

Kirra Jamison

Inside Out Magazine is available online through and you can also subscribe for print copies by visiting their site here.  Thank you again Inside Out!

Jan Halvarson


Lily from Birch + Bird said...

That's soooo exciting! Can't wait to read the entire issue :) Congrats Jan! ~Lily

oliwiaKociewianka said...

A więc serdeczne gratulacje!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved Jan - you are a superstar! Can't wait to read it (awesome magazine!).

mauishopgirl said...

Congrats! And thank you for introducing me to Inside Out. I love the Austrailian interiors mags. There is very little in the US that is my taste, a lot of of our design periodicals are too high brow for me. I like happy with lots of white and color.

I just subscribed on Zinio, can't weat to read your feature.

Btw, I haven't commented much but have had you in my reader forever, lovely blog.

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

Congratulations on the feature, I love your blog and I can see why they will mention it in the magazine,which by the way used to get in london but dont seem to be for sell overhere anymore.

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

How exciting! Congratulations Jan!!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Lily!

oliwiaKociewianka - dziękuję! (i googled a polish thank you)!

Thanks Rachel and yes you can just pick one up there! Fun!

mauishopgirl - are you really in Maui? Lucky you! Thanks for reading and dropping in with a comment - I love to know my readers!

Thank you Rosa!

Kreetta said...

Congrats Jan! That's really great to hear! And fine story behind your blog's name. I like.