Dispatches from Italy - Officina Dolce

Contributor post by Kat of Zero the One

Some time ago I found this tiny pasticceria café, walking distance from my son’s school and the architectural marvel that is Macro Museum at Via Nizza. The first time I walked past it I thought, well that’s pretty. The simple vintage look and feel was definitely something different from normal Italian/Roman café’s and bars. I went in and was even more surprised to find Red Velvet cupcakes (two things non-existent in Italy). Well of course Italian cuisine is top ranking, Italian pastries too, but growing up with birthday sponge cakes and salty breakfasts, it’s just nice to have a little familiar treat every now and then.

With such a small space they certainly made good use of the high ceiling with a display of hanging gingerbread ornaments – a brilliant way to free up floor and wall space.

And with the little space outside the window are a few flowering plants and colorful purple ruffled lettuce!

In store are some fine baking tools and materials. You can also see the bakers in action through a glass wall working their magic with the best ingredients. Of course I just had to try for myself to confirm and here I am to tell you, mamma mia – buonissimo! Love went into that thing, I can feel it.

Have a taste of the experience here:

Find Officina Dolce at Via Savoia 52, Rome.

Zero the One

Jan Halvarson


ale said...

how lovely video! the music,the atmsphere!,the delicious!!!the ladies!!!... adorable!!!happy,very happy new year!!!!!
all this year your blog was my inspiration!! besosssss!!from bs as!!!

Judith said...

Hmmm this looks soooooo good! Love how they used the ceiling for the gingerbread ornaments!

Unknown said...

OMG wow - OMG yum!

Silke Bonde said...

How delicate .,

Jillian in Italy said...

Red velvet cupcakes in Italy? Yes please! I think I'll have to hop on the Freccia Rossa and come have some cake and tea with you Kat.

As usual it's an absolutely gorgeous video. The images, the music, the people caught on camera...perfection.