5 Minute Gift Tag DIY + Wrap Inspiration

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to show you how I made these gift tags - and well here it is as promised. It's super easy and really not a DIY but maybe more on the idea/inspiration side of things? Making a gift tag is fairly simple, in fact I've been known to just freehand cut one when I'm in a pinch, but if you'd like to make one that looks a little more special –grabbing a template and some nice card stock is a good little trick and one I used for my Mom's gift this year. I never really thought about templates until recently and now I'm wondering what I did without them.

Materials I used:  
X-ACTO Designer Series Basic Shapes Template
X-ACTO's Designer Series self-healing mat
Gripster Crafting Knife 
Black Card Stock (I recycled the back of the X-ACTO templates packaging - nice, black, shiny - kind of card stock like - perfect)!
Calligraphy Painter Marker (White)

What I did:
After choosing a size from the different template choices, I traced the wrong side of the black card stock (which was white on the other side) and then using an x-acto crafting knife I traced the lines and straightened any edges using the scissors.  Afterwards I added an initial and flourish (freehand) using the white painter marker (which I love by the way - it paints on anything from ceramic to fabric) and then I tied it with a bit of twine.  Other products shown. Twine and kraft wrapping paper (IKEA), Office Metal Label (Martha Stewart for Avery). Letterpress Card (bottom photo) from a.favorite design.

(Below)  Red and white gingham fabric masking tape (I got mine at Daiso) and red and white twine from IKEA + a sprig of spruce.  Letterpress Card from a.favorite design.

Happy wrapping!

Elmer's and X-ACTO provided us with product in exchange for this post. All opinions, concept and photographs are our own.

Jan Halvarson


beca said...

i love how simple and sweet this is. i think the rosemary is the perfect touch!

Zahra123 said...

I love the look of brown paper and bakers twine! It has that rustic, back to basics look which is so nice! Love it!



Unknown said...

perfect idea for a last minute wrapping but still glam!!!

Kate said...

This is so cute! I love the tree sprig and the letterpress ticket - so sweet!

whiskey for breakfast

skuehster said...

where did you get that nice heavy weight roll of baker's twine? everything I have found is really light weight and skimpy or comes in huge rolls of 10,000 feet!

lauren, curious constellation said...

I'm always looking for gift wrap ideas and this is just lovely! Your whole blog is actually!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks everyone!

skuehster - the twine is from IKEA's Christmas seleciton - and was hard to get (it got scooped up fast)! - a friend found some and bought it for me.

Unknown said...

I'm a sucker for Kraft Paper wrapping and am still lamenting not picking p some of the red and white twine from IKEA earlier this season. This is all so lovely!