2012 Most Influential - Part 3

Here's part 3 of our 2012 Most Influential List.  We're heading down the home stretch, with Parts 1 here and 2 here.  See the highlights of the third quarter here. 

Cacti Prints
Not only did we love cacti this year, but we also loved these cacti prints from Vancouver-based Banquet Atelier & Workshop. More info about them here.

Mixed Styles
As our world gets smaller and smaller the fusion of styles and design become stronger.  We loved this mix of Scandinavian and Moroccan we came across this summer. The above room is from a fisherman's cottage in Gotland, renovated and owned by Swedish cinematographer, Bengan Widell. A rustic space with a unique mix of vintage middle eastern accents, religious wall art and Swedish pine. More info here. Photo Karin Björkquist.

The bonsai seemed to be popping in a bit this year –we love this large older one as seen in Real Living this past July.  Photo Warren Heath | Styling Sven Alberding/Bureaux.

The Takeout Window
We saw a few of these this year and what a fun way to entertain out on the patio in the summer. Image shown from vartnyahem.se

Summer Whites + Pinks
Summer was filled with whites and pinks, black and whites and hints of sea blues.  Links to images can be found here.

Marble or Cement Counters
Did you notice all the marble or cement covered kitchen counters?  We love them!  Above photo from AD. (Photographer and socialite Kelly Klein's kitchen in Palm Beach).

Modular Tiles
These modular tiles from ixxi gave a summery feel to a space. A special design called Loco by Studio Boot, the cards which are printed on both sides are suitable as wall decor or room dividers. Click here for more info.

Paint Swatch Wall
This paint swatch wall by Liz Apple had to be one of the best DIY ideas of the year.  Click here for more info.

More Pinks, Black and Whites and  Sky Blues
More summer color inspiration. Click here for info on all the images.

Giant Cross-Stitch
The giant cross-stitch was sorta everywhere.  See proof here.

The Summer of Neon
Everywhere you turned this summer, neon was there. From nail polish to furniture accents, see a post about it here. Photo from Issue #5 of Anthology / Photo by Janis Nicolay of  Pinecone Camp

Take What You Need
Maybe a little inspiration from everywhere. Florals, ships in bottles, chalkboard quotes, cherry cakes... click here for links.

Part 4 to follow.

Jan Halvarson


Coby said...

Ahh so many beautiful things. Its good to take a look back.

Mary Jo said...

Jan, I love these year-end round ups! I am sure they take a lot of time to put together. Just wanted to say thank you.