The Art of the Holiday Display: Trohv

Today we're visiting Trohv all the way on the eastern side of the U.S.  They have shops in both DC and Baltimore and were kind enough to share some photo's of their holiday displays this year.  I love their inspiration which is a camping/Boy & Girl Scout theme. All the banners were handmade and sewn in-house by their staff. As proprieter Carmen Brock explained to us, "We wanted the banners to be reminiscent of boy/girl scout badges. And we were really drawn to the idea of being outdoors in the winter, cutting down your own tree, and feeling a sense of warmth & nostalgia for our earlier years. The idea is that each banner represents a holiday section in the shop; the candy cane banner showcases our candy section, the hohoho banner showcases the holiday card section, and the package banner showcases our holiday wrap section. Not included here, but we also have banners for the baby section, women's, men's, entertaining, bath, and dining.

"The next set of photos show our jewelry displays. We found some vintage toy cars and trucks and put Christmas trees in them."

"The last photo shows our storefront at the Baltimore location. We painted on the windows....white trees and a vintage, red Wagoneer with a Christmas tree on top with the sentiment "Over the river and through the woods" in the center. We wrapped approximately 100 boxes with kraft paper, red ribbon, and pine cones and placed them in the window seats."

Thank you Carmen! Visit Trohv online:

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Hi Jan!

I'm a huge Poppytalk fan and it's posts like this that make me say "Ugh, I need to start my blog!" I visited Trohv this past summer when I visited Baltimore for the first time with my boyfriend. We visited the small neighbourhood of Hampden that houses Trohv and were both incredibly impressed by the store. What I love about this post is that Trohv DOES have a lot of merchandise, and is very full, but doesn't feel overwhelming due to their great displays. I'm so happy I was able to visit it, and it was a highlight of my day (along with visiting the outside of Charm City Cakes and eating the best burger of my life just down the street from Trohv at Baltimore Burger Bar- seriously!)

-Becca, from Toronto!

Alex @ northstory said...

What a heartwarming store! Makes me wish I had bought some extra galvanized buckets from my container gardening this summer to use for decorations with twigs. Thanks for profiling!