Modern Tree DIY

Guest post by Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap

I've noticed that a lot of people look for alternatives to the traditional evergreen tree for the Holidays.
Here's one that won't damage your walls, requires only 3 supplies and costs under $20 to make, not
to mention assembly is a fraction of the time it takes to chop down and set up a real tree.

You'll need:
pegboard, preferably white but anything color will do
small Christmas lights, not the round ones as you need them to fit through the pegboard
very sticky tape, I used packing tape
ornaments & hooks (optional)

To figure out the angle and size of your tree, use a very thin piece of masking tape, starting at the top and ending where you want the bottom of the tree, tape a long triangle on your pegboard. Turn the board around the push the light through the holes that line up with the tape (which you can see from the back side). Once the lights are lined up like you want, use the very sticky tape to tape the cord to the back. And you're done! Now decorate the front with garland and ornaments and lean it against the wall, near an outlet.


Visit Jennifer's shop online A Merry Mishap, here where she sells some crazy good jewelry (see a little pic I added to her post below). And be sure to visit her blog where she does amazing things with her home here!  Thanks Jennifer!

A Merry Mishap

Jan Halvarson

8 comments: said...

What an amazing idea! No mess around. :)

Tina Ramchandani said...

Fabulous idea, and looks pretty easy! Love the "chic" look, and that it's cheap :)

rachaelannep said...

this is very cute! very modern -- but my mama gave me a little tree for this year!

LR said...

perfect idea for me this year. thanks.

Art and Chic said...

Really Great idea!

ynas-design said...

Best idea ever. This is my Christmas Tree. Thanks a lot for this great inspiration. Yna

Unknown said...

What a stylish idea...I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Simple but sooo stylish, love the idea