Fun New Collection from Schoolhouse Electric + Yellow Owl Workshop

Have you seen Yellow Owl Workshop's new collaboration with Schoolhouse Electric yet? As many of you know - I'm a big fan of Christine's work - and so it's fun to see it being translated into housewares! The Victory Regalia collection is the result of Schoolhouse Electric and Yellow Owl Workshop's mutual love of award themes and heritage craft. They must know it's many other's love also; ahem,  I've already got an extra large Varsity Trophy sitting in my shopping basket this morning! (Btw Canadian shoppers - they do deliver to Canada - you just need to email customer service to work around the site a bit).  See more of the Victory Regalia collection by clicking here! And congrats Christine!

via designsponge

Jan Halvarson


Pam @ Frippery said...

Wow, love those trophies, actually I love all of it. Thanks for sharing.

Coco Cake Land said...

super cute - love the trophy lamp!! would be awesome DIY project!