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Well it's been quite a week out there and our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. It's pretty scary how in one night something like this can change lives forever. Sometimes talking about design during these times is sort of hard - in fact I've been totally distracted all week. One link I found that might help those in need is the folks at 20x200 have a print (Blue Marble - a satellite image of Hurricane Sandy) up for sale where all net revenue from sales of this edition will benefit the American Red Cross’s efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Click here for more info.

And the winner of our Matte Stephens Book giveaway this week is the fourth commenter (chosen by the random number generator) - isAnonymous Christine of MissFirelake out of Denmark!  Congrats Christine!

For my links this week a few metals (copper and gold) and winter whites, I'm loving them all lately are you?

1. Copper lighting (Photo from  Solange van Dorssen)
2. A tutorial for making clay jewelery
3. I love the golden hue happening on this tulip table 
4. Make a wish with this wood veneer cake topper
5. I'd love a tree filled with these porcelain woodland animals tree ornaments
6. The gold tops on these ceramic milk bottles make them the cream of the crop
7. I've been thinking about these cookies all week
8. A cute moon pinata idea
9. Make an arrow tail stamped shirt

And finally my post at Babble this week is a giveaway worth mentioning  3 - $50 gift cards from Target!

Happy Weekend!

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Jan Halvarson


Christine said...

Wau, I'm sooo grateful! Thank you so much - and thanks for a lovely blog! :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Jan Halvarson said...

Yay - Congrats Christine!

Mme Scott said...

I love the bottles !
Lucky Christine ;-)

willowday said...

... I am still so thrilled that you've found my ice lanterns. I'm pinata crazy --- make them for every birthday but had never thought of this before - adorable! Just adorable!

Vintage Home said...

Yeah for Christine! Happy for her!
What a great group of inspiration you have given us...I am off to make those cookies & can't wait to make the balloon ice candle holders!
Thanks for sharing!

Bibi said...

Christine congratulations