DIY Succulent Wall Mounted Shelving

Slowly filling his home with DIY projects, Chris Gardner of ManMade and Curbly fame decided to recently tackle the last blank white wall left with this fun DIY Succulent Wall Mounted Shelving project.  Wanting a little bit of texture and variety he decided to incorporate something living as well making room for potted plants that he could adapt and change as time and seasons change. The result is pretty fun and I could totally see taking this into any room from a nursery to a bathroom. Nice job Chris!

Tools and materials needed:

1" thick (4/4) wood stock at least 36" long
2 1/2 x 5/8" metal corner braces and accompanying screws
Spray paint
Scrap wood, MDF, luan, or fiberboard
Saw - any will do, or have your pieces cut at the hardware store
Hole saw or forstner bit - 2 3/4" - 3" diameter
Electric drill and drill bits
Sandpaper or electric sander
Wood finish, such as polyurethane or shellac and paste wax
Wall anchors and screws

Visit ManMade DIY to get the instructions on how to make this fun project!

Jan Halvarson


Tine (matimuk) said...

wow..great idea..

Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

I LOVE this idea!x

Sofia Morgado said...

Indeed! Thanks for sharing!
Have a lovely week!

Amy said...

Thanks for the great Idea!!