Weekend Project: Origami Ornament

We had a fun crafty evening last nite at Anthropologie for our Holi-DIY event –it was so fun to finally meet many of you and some new friends too!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects! A huge thanks to Beaucoup Bakery for providing the tasty treats! Yum!

For those who missed out we have a fun DIY today using one of the same designs we used last night inspired by Rob of saltlabs.  Her DIY from last year on Poppytalk was so much fun we invited her to join us again sharing a new version of the origami balloon to make a tree ornament (this time with a constellation twist). Make a tree ornament, a garland or a string of lights (like we did last night)! So many different ways you can use this design.

And then stay tuned - for next week we'll also be posting another DIY from our other ornament we made last nite - it's a little tricky so we need to show you via video.  In the meantime - Rob's tree ornament which includes not only downloadable instructions but also a printable constellation map paper you can use to make it, is inspired by her stunning pillows she sells in her shop here and at our market this month at Poppytalk Handmade.  (Thanks Rob)!

Origami offers so many wonderful shapes for creating unique ornaments. Check out Bloomize’s origami tutorial for the many-shaped stars you can make for your own galaxy-festooned christmas tree. You can also take your creation a step further –personalizing your ornament by using customized paper. Follow my globe-garland DIY for creating a ballon origami – but switch out the paper and use NASA-inspired nebula or galaxy images. NASA offers an easy, three-step process for downloading images from their collection of eye-popping, galactic photos and computer renderings.

There’s a general fascination with our heavens these days. Astronomy has never been this cool since the days of the lunar landing. In that spirit, go forth and explore the universe in all its wonder (via the NASA gallery) and bring home a cluster of origami stars and orbits to illuminate your holiday festivities this season.

Helpful suggestions:

Download the copyright-free constellation image PDF HERE. It’s been sized as a 6-inch square, a perfect origami paper size for the ballon ornament.

Or choose from the NASA gallery. “Infant Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud” (the very last image at the bottom of the page) is a good representation. Download the 8x10 image size in order to cut a 6” x 6” origami paper.

Galaxy images might use a large amount of ink if printing on a home computer. If you plan to make a garland, you might consider printing at your local photo or print store.

Choose the lightest weight paper available when printing to make the origami folding easier.

Follow the simple instructions of the balloon origami quick guide below and download the PDF HERE for future reference.

A picture of the string of lights garland Poppytalk made for Anthropologie's Holi-DIY event

Copyright-free constellation image PDF HERE.
Balloon origami quick guide below and download the PDF HERE

Guest post DIY origami ornament by saltlabs Visit saltlabs online -
Poppytalk Handmade.

Jan Halvarson


gretchen said...

Yes! ...we did origami last night also but only a striped frog ;/ but this is great! My husband is so big fan of astronomy that this will work perfectly! Have to go digging in Nasa gallery. Thanks for sharing!

Tara Galuska said...

I'm completely hooked on making these ornaments! I have downloaded the constellation map paper to make more for friends. Thanks for a great night.

Jan Halvarson said...

Gretchen - the frog sounds fuN!
Tara - Thanks for coming - it was fun to meet you!

Robbi said...

So glad I could share my own fun experiment. Love NASA-themed anything – the images are so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

HI! I was trying to download the constellation image but its bringing me to your poppytalk handmade page. Is it still available for downloads?

Irenze said...

Reference guide: http://poppytalkblog.com/downloads/FINAL_Balloon_Origami_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf