DIY: Holiday Origami

Photo  and layout by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

As promised, today we're back with our second origami how-to that we did for the Holi-DIY event at Anthropologie last week.  I love this origami fold, called the spinner - as you can actually spin it when it's done.  We used the smaller 3" origami papers in the multi-coloured foils.  Using different colors also makes it easier to make. As the instructions are rather complicated to explain using words, we thought a video of how to make it would be more helpful, so Earl set things up yesterday and uploaded it to YouTube.  You can slow it down frame by frame if need be, and hopefully you'll find it pretty straight forward.  (Thanks to Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart who attended our live session for supplying us with the above photo - and beautiful graphic layout of the finished piece).

For this project you'll need:
6 - 3"or 6" origami foil or paper squares (Earl is using the 6" as it's easier to demo)
Gold string or sisal rope to pull through the top
1 needle or skewer to poke a hole at the top once finished to pull the string through
Optional: driftwood stick - to hang your ornaments at different lengths

You'll need 6 papers to make this ornament. You will need to fold all 6 papers in a basic star fold first (as shown in the first part of the video 0:00 - 1:30) before putting each piece together. If you have a difficult time understanding that first portion - use steps 1 - 4 in the diagram at our previous origami post - which is the basic fold for this origami. Fold all six pieces that way, then come back here to view the video to make the rest. Here's Earl's video how-to:

My hint would be to make sure out of the four folds you create for each of the six papers, when putting each paper together with another that two of the folds (opposite of each other) go over another paper and the other two you insert into each fold of another paper.  You'll know what I mean once it gets started.  Just remember, two inside, two outside.

After you finish making one, you can poke a hole - using a needle or something larger like a skewer or darning needle through the top and then pull a string through and tie.  Note: You might have to tape the ornament to ensure it stays together.  You don't have to, but they can come apart, so I would just give them a little bit of tape to secure.

Photo  and layout by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

Jan Halvarson


naomi said...

These are so lovely! I will be trying my hand at them for sure!

Coco Cake Land said...

so pretty! love them hanging off the sticks, too... such a nice contrast!

Melissa Blake said...

How cool! Love all the color too! xoxo

Emma said...

love these - so pretty!