Dispatch from Italy: Affordable Art Fair

Guest contributor post by Kat of Zero the One

Who would’ve thought the day would come for an affordable art fair in Rome? Well here it is! Welcome to the Affordable Art Fair, a concept that could potentially reinvigorate the arts scene by allowing a wider range of people to access and purchase art. All art is less than 5000 Euros and features new talent with a diverse array of styles and disciplines. Not only does it allow for emerging artists to be seen, it also invites people to start collecting art. Check out their comprehensive Art Buying Guide.

I was thoroughly impressed by how prepared they were from start to finish with an information booth providing assistance and insight to newbie collectors, covering everything from securing certificates, packaging and transport.

Macro Museum of Contemporary Art is the right setting for such a concept. A former slaughterhouse, the new use of the space is a creative transformation in itself. Now they are host to many contemporary art shows, a must see if you are in Rome.

Should you be curious to see more of an artist’s work, assistants or the artists themselves will gladly show you what isn’t already displayed.

They did not fail to include workshops where anyone and everyone is encouraged to use and interact with available tools.

I saw this and thought it looked familiar. It seems like the same street artist whose work I featured in my post on Turin.

Last but not least, I was really happy to see a space just for kids. Here a big white wall is free for all the little artists to paint on.

Zero the One

Jan Halvarson

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