A Colourful Photoshoot

How fun is this photo shoot and product for Australian housewares company Safari Fusion?  Fun and colourful, the pieces are styled by Marsha Golemac and photos taken by Brooke Holm. Taken in the home of Lyn Gardener’s located in Fitzroy (near Adelaide), the splashes of colors juxtaposed with the white floors and walls - makes for a cheery space, don't you think?

See more at Brook's blog here.


Jan Halvarson


jon said...

omg. knit cactus! WANT!

Art and Chic said...

Gorgeous decoration!

Lazy Animals said...

This is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Miss Lindsey D said...

the giant feather - what I thought were flowers but now know are headdresses are amazing!!! What a vibrant beautiful piece. A great find!

Kellie Shearwood said...

Thank you for sharing our new collection of images with your readers!

Brooke and Marsha did an amazing job styling and photographing them for us.

Kellie x

Safari Fusion

Coco Cake Land said...

oooh such nice stuff! loving the pieces! great styling and photos. i'm heading there right now! :)