2012 Holiday Card Round-Up Part 2

A fun little DIY holiday card from the folks at Present and Correct. The Cross-Stitch Mitten card lets you personalize the design by monogramming it yourself.  Click here to see!

Let it Snow Card from Kate & Birdie

Holiday Lamp Post hand drawn card from Kate & Birdie

 Joyeux Noel hand drawn cards from Yellow Owl Workshop

 Black and white chalkboard style card by Stone and Feather Paper

Bah Humbug Card by Thunderpeep*

Winter Wonderland Holiday 2012 Letterpress Card* by Spring Olive

Jan Halvarson


Krissy {Pretty Paper Things} said...

Absolutely love all of these beautiful cards!

ThisIsHannnah said...

i love the mitten! too cute

- hannah from the homesteady

Erin said...

Sending Christmas cards is one of my most favourite holiday traditions. Loving the chalkboard ones I've been seeing around this year. :)

kickpleat said...

I love your holiday card round-ups, Jan! Such pretty paper goods. I especially love the Kate & Birdie cards!! Too cute.