Sunday Reading

We're still trying to finish our floors (the last little while has been busy and we ran into a bit of a snag).  I wanted to do a Halloween craft today which needed to be done outdoors (spray painting) but it is raining.  I'm also gathering all our new tables today for our new market tomorrow.  Busy week ahead! (Psssst! I'll have two special recipes to share).  How's your sunday?  Care for a little reading?  Here's a few nice links I hope you'll like.  Happy day!

1.  DIY Bedside Lamps (in Swedish -
2.  Fourlines Polaroid Project
3.  How to make a bow tie
4.  20 Different Entryways (in Danish but images pretty)
5.  How to print on tags, journaling cards and other non-traditional paper
6.  Chocolate cupcakes
7.  DIY: knit bracelet (incl english version)

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Jan Halvarson


Yelle said...

I love that knit bracelet, super cute for the holidays, and plenty of time to do it too! Thanks for that cute find!

Catherine at Design Editor said...

Thanks for the mention, Jan!