Monday Reading

Happy Monday folks!  How was your weekend?  Did you get up to much? Did you hear we had a 7.7 magnitude earthquake here on the northern coast of B.C?  It's a couple hours north from Vancouver, and although we heard some people felt it locally, we didn't feel a thing! Kinda crazy.  Amazingly it seems no one was hurt (and no major tsunamis either)! I've always been worried about the big one. Since I missed Sunday's reading post - here's a little catch-up!  Pinks and mints it seems are the order of the day. I'm completely in love with those baby moccasins from Purl Bee (you can make them - if you're talented like them)! Sadly I am not. I can only knit squares and rectangles. Have a good week!

1.  Lace collar (via les temps sont durs our les reveurs).
2.  Inside designer Karen Bow's colorful home (via HGTV)
3.  Tutorial - Baby moccasins | Purl Bee
4.  The radiant meteor storm of 9 October 1933, Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy (via limilee)
5.  Wega 3300 Hi-Fi System by Verner Panton (via
6.  Map of Walls - a page from Sibella Court's Nomad (via Chronicle Books)
7.  Neon dot wrapping (via la casita)
8.  Knit Biker Jacket with Shearling Detail (via OASAP)
9.  Make an origami paper lantern
10.Martinique print wallpaper

Jan Halvarson


Juliane said...
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Kari said...

After clicking on #10 I now want to watch a Golden Girls marathon. Preferably followed by The Nanny (they were on back to back, right?)

Jan Halvarson said...

Kari - haha - i think so!