Mobile Correspondence for the Creative Entrepreneur!

How fun is this new Mailroom App from Cartolina! The perfect iPhone app for Etsy sellers, designers and the visually obsessed, the Mailroom app is a fun way for creative entrepreneurs to send casual business correspondence to their clients and customers using simple, retro inspired templates. An easy interface and whimsical visuals makes Mailroom a way cooler alternative to dull office mail!

Available on the app store for $1.99

Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

Thank you for featuring our app Jan!!

We developed this app specifically for all the creative people like you and me - and all the others that love Poppytalk.

Fiona xx

Unknown said...

Such a cute ap! I'll have to buy it.

xo Sam

DIY Huntress

Melinda's Musings said...

So cute! Now when I get my iPhone next month you've gone and tempted me to buy this app! ;)


Emily L. Eibel said...

I would LOVE to buy this app! Please make it for Androids phones! We want pretty things too!

Guru said...

Me ha encantado tu app!

Ya lo he comprado y no he tardado nada en estrenarlo...

Gracias por ser tan creativa ;)