Into the Kitchen

Photo by Jodi Pudge for Covet Garden

Hi friends! Feel like talking kitchens? How's yours? Ours is still not there yet, (although in working order, not anywhere near photographing) along with many parts of our townhouse. Will we ever finish it? We're in the market for an exhaust hood at the moment (any recommendations)? I think they can either make or break the look don't you? A little kitchen inspiration today; a few nice images I've been saving.

1. Textures + Layering
Lots of different textures from the subway tiles, the wood paneling and stainless steel (a real cabin feel). Covet Garden Magazine (October issue). Photo by Jodi Pudge.

2. Beautiful Wood
A mixture of warm organic cutting boards, serving bowls and spice mills. Covet Garden Magazine (October issue). Photo by Jodi Pudge.

3. White Square Tiles and Stainless Steel
A clean modern look using white square tiles and stainless steel appliances. Photo by Marcus Lawett for Trendland. Home of Interior Designer, Nanna Lagerman.

4. Unexpected Materials
An interesting combination of marble and unfinished wood. Home of architect  Daniel FranzĂ©n Photo: Petra Bindel, Styling: Lotta Agaton. Via

5. Beautiful Surfaces
A marble countertop continues down the side of this beautiful kitchen island. From Rue Magazine via Design Darling.

6. Countertop Woodburning Fireplace
Pizza anyone? Designed by architect Arne Thorsrud, this house is near Lillehammer Norway. Images from Interior Magasinet via

7. Floating Cabinets
A mix and variation of materials. Did you notice the marble on those floating cabinets?  Architects: Michael Bechara Design Photography: Justin Alexander

8. Amazing Storage
Well thought-out storage in this small spaced kitchen using custom built cabinetry. Architects: Michael Bechara Design Photography: Justin Alexander

Jan Halvarson


Yelle said...

I love the unexpected materials like marble and wood! Looks so lovely.

Unknown said...

such a beautiful kitchen that I'm craving for!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

We have a small kitchen that I'd love to re-do. We currently have the microwave/exhaust fan above the stove (I know, ugly right?). When you get a cool looking exhaust hood, where do you put the microwave (in a small kitchen with very little counter space)?

Erin said...

We're at the tail end of our summer-long kitchen reno. Tile, paint and a couple freestanding pieces and we'll be done. I agree that the exhaust fan is pretty important, especially one that filters outside, which we took the trouble to install (no easy feat in a condo). I can't wait to share the finished product!

Andie @ Assemble Shop & Studio said...

That is quite possibly one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen. I love the different textures and colors of the wood.

Taylor A. said...

I can't get over how incredibly marvelous this kitchen is. We're still in the process of renovating ours, but it is so nice to see so many unusual materials being used so perfectly!