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Today we have a nice little treat for you.  The folks, Jacque & Margie from larks & japes, (a studio that makes and finds limited artisan made items and creative collaborations), are sharing a few photo's from their latest "Inspired By" collaboration.  "Inspired By" is where other artists and designers describe a party themed around a favorite film, book or location and they feature the inspiration, bringing it to life and where one can shop the party.

The site has been up since May and the store "soft" launched this week. You can find limited edition artisan made items, creative collaborations such as Blackbird Letterpress' amazing merit badges (shown below) and occasionally tickets to participatory experiences such as a recent beer & cheese pairing speakeasy. In the upcoming weeks, they will introduce their home made hip line, the ingredients for a unique get together gathered into one kit.

larks & japes is open to submissions, cooperative projects and available for events design.  See more images from their most recent "Inspired by" below along with a link to heaps more images of this lovely story inspired by Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom.

Merit Badges by Blackbird Letterpress

photo credits: Alexis Fleisig // faux raccoon tail cap: Jacquie Osman

See more pics from this story at their site and/or shop the party - eco-friendly paper plates & supplies, woodgrain runner, dipped handle panini grill, marshmallow roaster, and merit badges available at

Jan Halvarson

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Yelle said...

Love the merit badges, and everything Wes Anderson! Great inspiration photos for Moonrise Kingdom!