In the Studio with Jen Garrido

Contributor post by Lisa Solomon

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today we get to peek inside the lovely studio of san francisco artist jen garrido. she's a multi-talented busy lady who makes her work, runs her alter ego company jenny pennywood, and is mom to the most adorable little one. we met up the other morning because we're starting a collaboration and it thought i'd share her space with you poppytalk readers.

: please name 5 artists/creatives/makers that you know personally who you find inspiring and influencing ? 

I've got 4. Right now, I'm really inspired by makers/creative people/artists who are thinking BIG and growing their business and doing several different kinds of things at once  -- so 3 people I know that I'm excited by are Olivia San Mateo of Olive Route Design and Letterpress and Kelsey Sheofsky of Shelter Co. and Serena Mitnik Miller of General Store. As far as fine artists, I'm always in awe of my friend and sculptor, Vincent Fecteau -- I think his practice and attitude as an artist is inspiring.

:: And 5 artists/creatives/makers that you don't know but love from afar?

:: the last thing or two you read that had you marking or dog earring pages? 

Sadly, they are self help books that I'd rather not name

:: your top 5 tools/supplies 

sketchbooks with watercolor paper interior sheets, galkid painting medium, acrylic gouache, florescent acrylic paint, black ink

:: a material or idea you most want to try but haven't yet 

Clay, spray paint and gold leaf

: name a song or album you will grow old with 

Bahamas Barchords 

:: favorite beverage? 


:: how many studio spaces have you had ? is this current one your fav ? why or why not ? 

I've had 7 studio spaces. It is a tie between 2 spaces. I was an Affiliate Artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts for several years and the studio was small but the environment was beautiful but the drive was long and I loved the community. And the one I have now where I have my own space and it is quiet, private and close to home.

:: what is crucial for you to have in order for your studio day to be productive? 

All supplies need to be out for me to just grab.
proof of the ice tea habit

:: do you have a studio routine? if so will you share it with us? 

The only routine I have is to get an ice tea before I get to studio ... other than that, every day is a mix of computer work/design/corresponding, painting and drawing. I move in between all 3 of those things all day long.

: is there a place that you've been that really resonates with you? 

Any place that is hot with a pool and good friends.

:: where have you felt the most "at home" 

IN LA at the beach when it is hot

: dancing? pro or con? 

PRO in private or with family, when very drunk and feeling free and a CON when I feel pressured to let loose but don't feel loose ... make sense.

thanks jen ! such a treat to see your adorable light filled space !


lisa solomon is a mixed media artist who lives in oakland, CA with her husband, young daughter, a one eyed pit bull, a french bulldog, a cross-eyed cat, a 3 legged cat, and many many spools of thread. she moonlights as a college professor, a graphic designer, and is a partner in MODify/d a crafty biz that up/cycles and re/purposes discards from the fashion industry.

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Coby said...

Its so fascinating seeing into peoples workspaces. Thank you for sharing!

Bridget Watson Payne said...

agreed! can't get enough of this stuff, and this one is lovely. also love:

Mary - Kandid Weddings said...

Love these kind of sneak peeks into artists' daily lives and work environment. Gives a better perspective of the mindset and motivation behind the artworks.

lisa solomon said...

so glad you guys like !!

Beth said...

Wow, wonderful! Love the work.

Michele Theberge said...

Loved this, Lisa! Of course I always adore insights into someone else's practice and studio. Will share this site with the artists in the mentorship program.
And the funny thing is my sister Chris has been following this blog a few weeks and sent me the link! Little did she know that I knew you and I don't think Jen and I have ever met in person but we spoke on the phone once I believe about using acrylics when she was pregnant. Small world!
And Vera Neumann and Amy Sillman are also on top inspiration lists.

Michele Theberge said...

P.S. Forgot to say I love the questions you asked.