Holly Farrell

I came across some newer works of Holly Farrel's the other day and her paintings of the mundane and ordinary. I'm usually not a fan of still-life's but her subject matter and skill in which she paints them, takes the tired old genre and sets them apart. A self-taught painter, this Canadian born artist paints beautifully intricate replicas of everyday vintage objects and makes them appear timeless. I'm blown away by her textures and shadows and love the idea that at first they seem like photographs. See more of her work below and on her site hollyfarrell.com.


Via 6petals.blogspot.com

Jan Halvarson


Artsy Forager said...

LOVE Holly's work! Happy to see her featured here!

Katie said...

I adore these! Thank you for sharing.

custom stickers said...

Its incredible. Crafting of latest things in traditional way is really an art.

Mihaeko said...

Beautiful work!

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Do they ever look like photographs! I had a long look at Barbie before realizing she was a painting. Awesome works!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Love these! Especially loving the apothecary bottles and books...thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

oh my God!,

Is this hand painted?

As at a first glance i took it as a live and real object pics!

security gates

Unknown said...

It is wonderful
These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)
I love your blog :x

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