Friday Pins + Links

Happy Friday and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends! I wanted to take this time to thank all of our readers whom we're so grateful for. This wild world web is an amazing one and both Earl and I (and our lovely contributors) are thankful for all of you who drop by here. Even though we don't know you personally, we want you to know how much we love your visits and are honoured each and every day you drop by. (Now, if only you'd comment more!) 

Here's a few outstanding links from this week:
1. DIY Chalkboard Project (and a pretty sentiment too)
2. Margaret Kilgalen's (RIP) Lips print (via desisgnlovefest)
3. Free printable anchor wrapping paper & gift tags by Hey Look
4. A pretty clothespin garland backdrop
5. Kate Spade | Foxtrot Hill Quinn
6. These Days, Stil Inspiration
7. Letterpressed RSVP by Ladyfingers Letterpress
8. Plastic Easter eggs painted like skulls for Halloween candy from Martha Stewart
9. How to fake polaroids by Project Alicia
10. Happy Camper Slouchy Longsleeve by Camp brand
My posts this week elsewhere:
6 handmade ways to say I love you to your pet
An email app for kids.
The perfect first big kid bed
Cute new Dwellstudio for kids.
8 great Halloween DIYs

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Jan Halvarson


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Jan for the great links that I quickly scroll through (and sometimes bookmark for later perusal)! in the early hours after I check my email and before I get dressed for work ( a short window to be sure, hence the lack of commenting) Thank you for all the wonderful Canadian content!
And have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Jan Halvarson said...

HI Elizabeth - Oh I know I'm always so in a hurry too! Thank you for taking the time today - nice to hear from you!

Jeanna said...

I adore those anchor tags.
Very nice collection you've put together. I'm a new follower :)

PSbyDila said...

Nice links! Love the wrapping paper, I saw it pass earlier on your Pinterest. ;)

leslie said...

leslie here from camp brand goods.
thanks so much for including us in your awesome post.