Friday Links + BLABLA

Nathalie Boutte

I've been a little under the weather this week so my posts have been a little light (if you noticed);  so today I'm going to still take it easy and hopefully get back on track for a better week next week. I started working on a fun pumpkin project earlier this week which I hope to have ready for a late weekend project or monday post (just in time for Halloween)!  Here's a few links worth mentioning that I've run into as of late: 

(Above) - Amazing paper artist Natalie Boutte
BLABLA - a rather fun interactive film for the computer
An amazing 35-inch wide house in Poland (via Youngna)
I kinda love this plant and the black and white photo of it
Free downloadable chalkboard backgrounds 
Have you ever made apple chips?
(For the boys) and maybe girls: Make a Star Wars terrarium
Obviously my mother was keeping this from me as a child. (I've never heard of fairy bread till yesterday)
A brand new catalogue and website for Bodie and Fou!
Be a magical unicorn for Halloween!
Have you been by our new market yet this week? (Some beautiful things there)

My posts elsewhere this week
A new DIY roundup post will be up at Wired in the morning - look for it here!
And my Babble posts here!

Happy Friday!

Jan Halvarson


tlcukjourney said...

I have never seen art like that, it's gorgeous if I do say so myself! and not just gorgeous but very creative!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Hope you feel better - big ((hugs)) from Nelson BC.

Love this paper art - it's so darn pretty I could eat it up - well, maybe not, but you know what I mean!


Erica said...

Such lovely art. Gosh, that must take a lot of patience to create.

Rest up this weekend and get to feeling better.

Heather Belle said...

Gaaah that photo is so cool!
xo Heather

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Enjoy your weekend! Take it easy and come back fittin' fit next week x

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Ladies for the good wishes and glad you liked the art too - isn't it amazing?
: )
Happy weekend!