Dispatches from Sweden: In Fall Colours

Contributor post by Camilla Engman

Here is my monthly doze of Gothenburg, in fall colours.  (Above) Haga a city district in Gothenburg renowned for its picturesque wooden houses, 19th century-atmosphere and caf├ęs.  Below a few ornamental designs on buildings, gates, outside my studio and a secret bed and breakfast.  xo Camilla

House Ornament

House Ornament

Jugend Gate

Outside my studio

Red and yellow House (apartments)

Secret Bed and Breakfast
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Jan Halvarson


Lindsay - Shop Ella Lou said...

Sweden has to be one of the most gorgeous countries on earth! Not only is the natural landscape breathtaking. But, the way the sunlight changes throughout the year, the interior design, and of course the beautiful people...

Stay In Britain said...

I so loved going to this kind of places.

Art and Chic said...

great autumn walk to Sweden!

Unknown said...

Jugend gate is amazing! Wow, I would feel like a princess walking thru, thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics! :) Michelle

Mihaeko said...

All those details, buildings made with such care. I do wish we still took such pride in our architecture. What an achievement for a city. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

Amazing photographs!!! love them!!


la.daridari said...

sweden is really great!
I went in Haga Street last summer, and photographed exactly the same flags :-)

willowday said...

Of course, I already know Camilla but just found her here! I get so excited when I hear voices from Sweden! I'm a transplanted American living in Stockholm but always love visiting Goteborg. "Word on the streets" is that people from here are more friendly and continental than in other cities in Sweden and although, I don't like labels, my visits there have always been filled with just that. Lovely photo and city!