Dispatches from Spain: La Integral

Contributor post by Serena Olivieri

Hello there! It's been a while since my last post, right? But now here I am, with another great place to visit in Madrid: La Integral, a marvellous shop lots of people told me about. One friend goes there to buy vinyls, another t-shirts, another to buy some curious present for a child or a girlfriend...and I thought, what kind of place is this?! So I had to go and take a look for myself!

I know, it's incredible I hadn't found this place before! Owners Rosario Trillo and Maria Sempere opened this shop in 2005 to sell their pieces of art, both being illustrators/designers. As time went by the shop grew and they started adding pieces by other artists and independent brands: from fashion to music, to books and fanzines, to handmade jewelry. They now have a beautiful collection of rare unique pieces from some great independent designers, crafters and producers.

Last saturday, 6th of October there was an exhibition opening: illustrator Eneko's pieces will be on display for one month. Not only can you find exhibitions but also little concerts at the back of the shop. This place is not too big, but it is definitely full of surprises! Come and take a look, there could be an exhibition, a concert or something else going on. These girls are geniuses, they combine illustration with design, music and fanzine culture, and I mean, take a look at how they print their "temporary" logo onto the shopping bags! Amazing.

c/ León 25
T. +34 914296918

All images by Serena Olivieri

Jan Halvarson


Let's make it easier said...

i wish you could do that for Barcelona

Unknown said...

what a fun place to get lost in!! Thanks for sharing it :) Michelle

Yelle said...

Oooo I absolutely love wood block prints! We have two that my fiance made back in art school. They are really fun :)

Theresatron said...

My dream store!

Anonymous said...

Let's make it easier - I'll go to Barcelona very soon I hope, and I'll visit many shops to write differents posts for Poppytalk - if you have something in mind, email me! Thanks for reading :)