Dispatches from South Africa: Josephine Road by KA.AD

Contributor post by Sara Trickett of itswhatiminto

A little bit about Kate Ghyoot Jollye of Josephine Road Ceramic’s:
"I was imported to South Africa from England as a very small child and have spent the rest of my life living in Pretoria. I studied locally, and while I am an architect by training (and by day too) I don’t think that a creative spirit will ever be limited to just one discipline. I have always dabbled in other creative realms, but only recently pursued any of them seriously. I still practice as an architect through my company KA+AD, but enjoy making the details that fill the spaces that I design. I have always loved ceramics, a passion bestowed to me via my mother and grandmother, through old dinner sets, tea services and a bad habit of turning things over to see what they are."
These are the first pieces, while the range will be extended to include other items of table wear in the next few months. All of the ceramics are locally manufactured, by hand.

Available at hellopretty.co.za
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Jan Halvarson


Yelle said...

I love this combination of white, gold, and silver! So classy.

ynas-design said...

Love it. Love it. Love it. S.A. for ever :))

Dogpawdesigns said...

Way cool... I'm from South-Africa also... neat to see some handy word from there. Love it!

Euodia Roets said...

I love everything about these cups, and they're made in SA! bonus!

Kate said...

Thanks Sara & Poppytalk x