On the Radar: Black Gold

Stil Inspiration

I've been thinking about colours lately, colours for fall and for our new living room.  I love a neutral palette as it leaves opportunities open to change and switch around pretty easily (I can't commit to anything too bold or too permanent other than neutrals).  So I've been really gravitating towards black and gold and white lately, they're such rich yet neutral colors.  Golds could be considered golden brown woods, gold as in a little glitter (not too much) or in old books.  Black in trims (like doors) or accessories like pillows and hardware and legs of furniture. So for a bit of inspiration today, a few black golds.  (Click on "continue reading" to see).

Batik fabric pillows from Bolia.  Love the sheepskin on the couch for the winter. Image from Stil Inspiration.

Kate Spade (gold heels), Complete Letter Writer for Ladies and Gentlemen (via Kitsch&Curious), Gold hair, gold dress, gold and black scarf from Never Fully Dressed, Inscribed ring, Sydney Terrace by Tribe Studio Architects via Dust Jacket Attic, Faithful De Manta Leather Tote by Alexander McQueen via Net-a-Porter, Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette's entryway via Design Sponge.

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Jan Halvarson


Chloe and the Chimera said...

Love this! I had never really considered that wood could be considered a shade of gold, but that opens up new colour combinations and ways to mix things up.

I also really love the room setting where the filigree metal work is brought inside with the chair.

Really inspiring images, going to be using this in my own work soon!

Unknown said...

I too like the pairing of these 3 neutrals. I think it really makes the gold pop. Gorgeous photos showing examples of what works.

Unknown said...


General question for other commentors and contributors: where do you find your inspiration images? Do you just clip tons of photos as you encounter them, and sift through later, or do you search for specific inspirations when you get an idea (ie, black and gold)? If the latter, how do you find the images?

Pinecone Camp said...

It really can be a beautiful combo! I shot a couple of homes, recently, that dabbled in black and gold, and they did it so well. Loved them both.

Unknown said...

I just moved to a space that has a black and gold furnace, which is dictating the palate of my living room. I've been bringing in a lot of gold accents. Love this color story, great post!