New Letterpress + Stamps at Present & Correct

One of our favourite shops out of the UK, Present & Correct have been busy bees this summer with a few new products to mention.  We're loving their L.C.D. rubber stamps (which you can use to make digital or dot matrix patterns to fill in as letters, numbers or icons). I think I could have some fun with those ones.  And being rather partial to a ruler marking, they have done up some fine letterpress ruler labels for books, parcels & gifts. They are in pink and green and come in inches & centimetres.  See more pics below.

Visit Present & Correct online here!

Jan Halvarson

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sMacThoughts said...

Without even needing the tag for merchandise or an item, I think it'd just be plain pleasing to sit and 'doodle' with those and a pack of markers, pencils, and brushes. Nice.