Happy Friday!

Run Wild (original gouache and acrylic painting on wood panel) by groundwork
Some really adorable macarons
12 free inky photoshop brushes 
Mini bonzai's 
A favourite dress from the Spring 2013 NY Fashion Week
The peaches are amazing right now; why not make some peach cornmeal muffins?
Do you want to play Old School with Pip?
A series of leaf sculptures for fall (via Present and Correct)
And not to forget our last call! Happy Friday!

Go Local:
Vancouver - Eugene Choo is hosting a garage sale on Saturday (September 15th) 10:00am to 6:00pm. Rain or shine. In the alley behind Eugene Choo - 3683 Main St.
And if you happen to find yourself in the Abbotsford area Saturday, Spruce Collective opens!

My post's this week at Babble:
Have you been following the Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week?  Here's a mini video wrap up.
New fall fabric to zap your interior!
Need some DIY ideas for fall entertaining?  Here's 20!
Action-Pack goes tribal!

Jan Halvarson

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I love this! So inspiring!