Weekend Project: Quilt Light + Pop-Stick Table

This week's weekend project idea is a lamp you can make from a downloadable template that I found online this week. The Quilt Light is a self-customizable product where you are the co-designer – shown here in heavy weight painted cardboard the light can be made in any size from any suitable material.  Designed by Tamara Maynes, the craft contributor to Inside Out Magazine (where I found out about her), you can purchase the template at her online shop, The Six Week Boutique for just $20 (click here for the link). Also check out her DIY (see below) in the September's issue of Inside Out Magazine  where she makes a pop-stick table (turning craft sticks into furniture).  You can get the complete instructions how to make it online here. Happy making!

Styling Vanessa Colyer Tay | Photograph Craig Wall

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

It is soooo pretty! I love those kind of graphics and those colors are pretty nice.

lisa zainuddin-harris said...

fabulous! thanks for sharing ;)

Heather Belle said...

Absolutely adore both of these ideas! Now if only I had my own place to put them in :c
xo Heather

Unknown said...

I'm amazed that people come up with these ideas for furniture and home. The light looks terrific, but daunting to me. The pop stick table looks great too, but I wonder how sturdy it is. At the very least, fun to look at.