Mini DIY Round-Up: 7 Cross-Stitch Style DIY's

Livet Hemma

There are so many great DIY's out there (I'm continutally inspired by the creativity and quality). So when I came across all of these cross-stitch style ideas, I had to gather them all for a post. So much to love! Click below for 7 cool ones:

1. Cross-stitch Doormat

The folks at Livet Hemma had a super cool idea - to cross stitch one of their BORRIS doormats (um $1.49) by punching holes with a nail first then stitching using a thick needle.

2. Cross-stitch Letter Sorter

Emi of Small Good Things shows how to add a little craft to your correspondence with some unexpected cross-stitch on a generic letter sorter. Here's the how-to!

3. Cross-stitch Canisters

The folks at Country Living have a fun tutorial on how to apply some cross-stitch lettering to your glass jar canisters.  It involves downloading a free font (Home Sweet Home) and then printing onto transfer paper.  Get the how-to here.

4. Cross-stitch Walls

I loved this painted on version of cross-stitch by Eline Pellinkhof as seen on Bloesem this past year.  Such an effective and beautiful idea.  
Related: Also check out this idea using washi tape.

5. Cross-stitch Handbag

This rather lovely idea is from the folks at Fossil - a DIY mason cross-stitch handbag. Click here for the how-to.

6. Cross-stitch Stool

And many have probably seen this little cross-stitch stool (mentioned here earlier this year) - but certainly worth including in this round-up.  Find the how to at This Little Street.

7. Cross-stitch as Wall Art

These beautiful wall art pieces are by Jessica Decker (I think I've written about her before here). And although these are not a DIY - you can buy them here - they are still truly an inspiration.

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Jan Halvarson


Julie S√łndergaard said...


I already have some of the pictures on my pinterest, but more shall come!


Megan said...

Oh! Such good ideas! Let's cross-stitch everything!

JD said...

Thanks for posting my Cross-stitch wall art! I just worked with to design some smaller scale (but still large) D.I.Y cross-stitch kits... they'll be up on the site in early September, and I'll send along a link when they're available!


Katie said...

I love everything cross-stich and actually used your #4 example as inspiration for doing something similar in my own home.

Alice said...

LOVE these cross stitch items. I came across this modern cross stitcher earlier this summer -

Vintage Home said...

love the wall art!

ynas-design said...

The stool and the doormat - that's it! Cool!

Audrey - This Little Street said...

Thanks so much for featuring my cross-stitched stool...again :) This is a great little roundup!

Truebluemeandyou said...

I love Emi's (Small Good Things) cross stitch letter sorter. It makes a mundane utilitarian office product into something special and anyone can do this project.

Jan Halvarson said...

JD - oh fun - we'll have to check that out!

Katie - good instructions - and amazing job!

Alice - will check it out thanks!

Thanks Audrey!

Anne Marza said...

The cross stitch wall looks amazing! I love it!

Caitlin S. said...

LOVE that doormat, never would have thought of it!!

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Julie Jackson said...

Cross stitch fireplace cover!